Marcel Gregoriadis



BeFoo was a startup co-founded by two of my cousins and another friend.

The business of the company was to create a subscription service for the delivery of cooked meals which was also optimized to the customer's food preferences and nutritional needs.

I joined the team as the CTO, responsible for the realization of the IT infrastructure behind the company, including customer-facing and internal apps.

Tech Stack: Go, Postgres, AWS, GraphQL, Vue, Stripe




Abracadalo is a premium API service to aid the development of No-Code apps, specifically targetting the platform Adalo. I built this business with one of my cousins, who is responsible for the graphic design and marketing.

It offers over 40 APIs, including string utilities, a calendar event generator, and a sophisticated Notification API supporting push notifications, SMS, and emails (including custom templates).

The project is still maintained and has an active amount of subscribed users.

Tech Stack: Firebase/Firestore, Node.js, Vue, Nuxt.js, Stripe

Abracadalo Logo Abracadalo Banner

Personality Doppelganger


Personality Doppelganger is a non-profit project that I started in 2023. As someone very interested in personal psychology, and a big fan of the Big Five model, I wanted to create a website that could help people discover and connect with people who share similar personality traits as them. This project relies on a huge number of people participating, since the likelihood for such a match is very low (hence this project).

I managed to set this project up in a strictly serverless manner (i.e., at zero cost, except for the domain).

Tech Stack: Firebase/Firestore, Node.js, Svelte, Supabase, Postgres (pgvector)

Personality Doppelganger Logo

Analysis of Arbitrary Content on Blockchain-Based Systems

Open Source / Research Project

This project arose with the support of two researchers at my university, who later co-authored the paper, which got accepted at the CAAW 2022.

For this project, I developed a comprehensive analysis framework in order to scan blockchain-based systems (specifically, Bitcoin and Ethereum) for arbitrary contents, i.e., encoded text messages or files (as images or audio) in the tamperproof transactions.

The results we produced were not only the first ever to systematically analyze non-financial content on the Ethereum blockchain, they also proved a novel approach for detecting and classifying these kind of data on blockchain-based systems.

Tech Stack: Python, Bash, SQL, BigQuery

IPFS Replicate

Open Source

IPFS Replicate is essentially a scraper for IPFS that uses network traces to replicate its distributed data structure (DAG) locally. Thereby, it not only downloads the files or content blocks, but also preserves the hierarchy and relationships of CIDs that lead to it.

I originally built this tool to help me with an analysis needed for my master thesis, and later decided to publish it to enable other scientists to conduct similar studies.

Tech Stack: Go, RedisGraph


Open Source

filter.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that is able to parse string-based but SQL-like queries and apply the semantics on JSONs.

The challenge with this was to parse the string in a way that was flexible, error-tolerant, and yet powerful, essentially programming a very high-level programming language (💁🏼‍♂️ SQL) on top of JavaScript.

Tech Stack: TypeScript

To view even more open source projects, check out my other GitHub repositories.